AAG: London Fire


Anonymous @ AAG: 16 June 2017
A post I read earlier at the DI forum:

Such a tragic traumatic disaster – I feel so sorry for all those people who suffered in what must have been horrendous conditions. I can’t even begin to imagine it.  I have been reading and following this and so much of it doesn’t add up:

  • Fire brigade going around the Saturday before telling people to ‘stay put’ in the event of a fire – is that normal?! Coincidence or not?
  • Renovations that were in the millions but seemed very superficial – no emphasis on safety.
  • The company that did it then went bust quickly after completion
  • Gas pipes fitted (in a tower block wtf?!) and new boilers in each flat. Those gas pipes were not boxed in or protected (residents complained about this)

But I watched this and it made me question the current story and felt it was worth posting here https://twitter.com/786MBA/status/875504442589814784

A lady was there and said she shared her videos with the media but no one is playing it?!

  • The fire service could not attend the fire due to the roads being blocked.
  • People were told by police to stay put despite this lady and others screaming at them to evacuate.
  • The police then pushed this lady (and others) away – so she ran around the side of the building to try and help.
  • She said the fire started on the OUTSIDE not the inside (she was very clear on that) and said it didn’t happen how everyone thinks it did.

Seems interesting and I hadn’t even really thought it could be arson, but now think how strange it is that no one is even considering it! Worth a watch.


Anonymous @ AAG: 16 June 2017
The Reichstag Fire springs to mind. The first page of my search engine results in numerous references to Trump’s Reichstag Fire, with commenters predicting a similar event in America in order to bring on the total police state à la Hitler.

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