Shameless Tory council leader blames Grenfell Tower block residents for lack of sprinklers claiming they didn’t want ‘disruption’

Mr Paget-Brown said he “didn’t consider” retrofitting sprinklers at Grenfell Tower block (Photo: BBC)     Newsnight Link:

”Mr Paget-Brown was unable to say how many tower blocks in his borough lacked sprinkler systems.”

“It is remarkable to see first-hand how the cladding has lifted the external appearance of the tower and how the improvements inside people’s homes will make a big difference to their day-to-day lives”
– Cllr Nick Paget-Brown – 2016

Disrespectful Tory s.c.u.m. These residents warned the landlord and were ignored. The Tories don’t care about anyone below their class. This Tory should be ashamed of him self. Another block caught fire in 2009 and the Government are just liars and they have done nothing about the flats around the Uk. I hope that all residents in the Uk demand their blocks are checked and all broken lifts are fixed instead of been idle. Heads should roll because of this tragedy because the blame lies at some ones door. These residents should be given top priority to be rehoused and not left in hotels for months on end. This should never happened in this day and age. I am shocked that this fire spread so fast and my thoughts are with the families who lost a member of their family and all the residents who survived. I don’t understand why all these flats don’t have sprinklers and the doors on the stairwells are not fire doors. I hope the truth comes out and it is not swept under the carpet like it has in the past.

Whats the point of May saying they’re going to have an inquiry when her government and party didn’t implement the recommendations from the last inquiry 4 years ago into a tower block fire in 2009?

They did nothing and this happened.

People are thinking about the deceased and injured, some people, like myself and family have been donating and working to help the survivors for the past 2 day and nights. As for political point scoring I have actually spoken to many tenants of Grenfell and they all say they were ignored when voicing any safety issues, particularly about fire risks, so this nasty piece of work is lying as usual. His government are putting all our lives at risk, whether it be from terrorism by cutting police and community police, or from cutting fire services – this IS a political issue whether you like it or not.

This will be the straw that breaks the donkey’s back.  We’ve had enough. And to quote our compassionless leader – ”Enough is Enough!”  They will try, but they must not be allowed to brush this one under the carpet. They are beneath contempt.

So residents had to have the cladding etc…. yet he hints they could not push the sprinklers due to inconvenience. I don’t believe that. The residents were already inconvenienced they could have insisted on installing as they are landlord!!! Stop blaming the victims!!!

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