Poles say NO to Mandatory Vaccines

”Tens of thousands marching in the streets in Warsaw, #Poland –
“The state does NOT own our children!!!” This is what an UPRISING looks like!”


Bigmoo says:
It may be the case that civil disobedience is required as a response to the violence/vaccine damage that is intended for us.

As citizens, we have a choice, either take our ‘vaccines’ like lambs to the slaughter or fight the fckrs. If for example the vaccines centre was damaged beyond use or those who think they can get away with this are confronted meaningfully, perhaps we can send a clear message.

Despite all the known products ie Thimerosal (mercury), gmo and aborted foetes bits. The big story is Nagalase. Its anyones guess what else is in their fake vaccines.

A collective response is needed to the biggest test we will all likely face in the coming years.

Health fascists have been getting away with killing us, poisoning us, starving us to death, plagiarising body parts for their black magic and lets be honest, who knows what else.

I reported my dentist to the governing body for an acute fluoride poisoning episode. Without going into too much detail, I was sent a menancing and threatening letter as a result.

I immediately backed off due to the sinister tone which was understood loudcand clear.

Folks we are living in dangerous times.

Peace to the humans.

GW:  Tptwtb offer ”proles” the VACCS but meanwhile folk such as Rockefeller live on quite nicely to 100 with 6 heart transplants and several blood transfusions.

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