Data Analysts Coming out of the Woodwork – Proving Election Fraud In US

Jason Goodman
Streamed live on Jun 2, 2017


George, on the one hand I admire your desire for leniency and kindness to Hillary. Mercy is a virtue.

But, if we do find this trail proves the murder of #SethRich was to cover up the myriad of other crimes wikileaks proved they committed, then the law needs to be upheld.

Will Jones (edited)
Russia and America are natural friends. Rome (now known as Bilderberg post-Hitler) wants us divided and conquered. Rome is Satan’s pedo homos. Jehoshaphat ejected them from Jerusalem in the Book of Kings and they relocated to Vatican Hill and allied with the Latins and Etruscans to perfect the slavery they wish to restore after running “the Wall Street of slavery” at Rome for over 2,000 years.

We came to America in direct and express covenant with the Deity to escape Rome, King and Pope. The false-Jew Khazars are their henchmen, whose ancestors are yet satanically bonded having never repudiated their Christ-killer ancestors.

Biblically they are Gog and Babylon. The Khazar false-Jews were hired from Gog and Magog as cult “crucifiers.” Read Mr. Jefferson’s “Homage to Reason” letter.

Their Empire/Church was built on the mass terror of crucifixion. Tens of thousands of Christs were crucified for only one reason: to twice deny Caesar was God.

God proved them wrong and America is only God’s Country,

Our Black and White “whig” ancestors knew all this. “Whig” means “anti-Roman Catholic,” no homos, no pedos, no child rape.


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