7 Grenfell QuestionsTheresa May Must Answer

Thanks to ”Labour Left” for the graphic.

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2 Responses to 7 Grenfell QuestionsTheresa May Must Answer

  1. Perhaps this might be a reason why Mrs May is ” keeping her head down ” ?


    The UK Electoral Commission has Corrupted Democracy

    Voting Fraud is absolutely endemic
    In the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom Electoral Commission ( Equivalent of the Federal Election Commission in the United States – the FEC ) Corrupted its Own Voting Count Model , which allowed Vote Rigging upon an Industrial Scale , at and since the 2015 General Election

    The Corruption consisted of the Count Model Omitting 3 of the 5 Primary Vote Categories ( Turnout is a secondary Category being dependent upon 3 Primary Vote Categories )

    As a result, three successive Governments have now been Ultra Vires and Unlawful

    This has been fully Disclosed in the Interests of Justice and of Democracy to many MPs , downwards from Mr Cameron and Mrs May , via the Speakers Office and Committee, and the Lord President of the Privy Council

    The Applied I F Limited #QUIXOTE Politically Independent Ongoing National Pro Bono Forensic Investigation into Vote Rigging on an Industrial Scale is Disclosed in the Interests of Justice and of Democracy on
    http://www.sleazeexpo.wordpress.com , and which has Confirmed the View of His Honour Judge Richard Mawrey QC

    Applied I F Limited has Created ( now at 11 June 2017 ) , seven Stand Alone Forensic Audit Tests for Electoral Corruption and which can precisely Identify False Added Ghost Votes to an Accuracy of a Single Vote

    This is possible because a Legal Voting Count Model having 6 Vote Categories has been used to carry out the Investigation

    The Electoral Commission, before the 2015 General Election used a Legal Count Model which is Compliant with Electoral Statutes because it had the Six Vote Categories which are prescribed by Acts of Parliament, beginning with the Ballot Act 1872, via the Representation of the People Act 1983, via the Political Parties Elections and Referendum Act 2000, and via the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011 , to name but 4 Statutes,there are several more which are all consistent with one another

    Thus the Electoral Commission has , by their actions, returned Democracy back 143 Years to before the Ballot Act 1872

    This is an Unprecedented Constitutional Crisis for Her Gracious Majesty the Queen

    And if the Interested Parties who have undisputed Guilty Knowledge of this situation continue with an extraordinary Wilful Blindness, the situation will further damage the Country, and its Population

    Posted by
    Applied I F Limited
    Lorraine Smith
    Geoffrey Stansfield BSc MSc AMCST CEng MICE
    Speaking Truth Unto Power
    Counting Votes is not Rocket Science
    NE2 1ET ( UK )
    Newcastle upon Tyne UK

    TELEPHONE MOB 07974750808 for Any Clarification Required

    IF You receive this by email, please excuse the size of font as a result of eyesight problems Thankyou

    Applied I F Limited
    15 June 2017 16.15

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