UK Column News 13th May 2017 – A More Collective Government

  • Daily Express now asking Is BREXIT a stitch-up? Goodness.
  • Devon police talking about having civilians walking around with firearms – this is not just ”a mess” – this is designed chaos. David Ellis.
  • This is calculated subversion – Brian Gerrish.  The Tories did say they would use a longer period of ”Creative Chaos” to achieve their desired objectives.
  • Once the ”violence” is ”in” then the Government wins because they will use it to bring in their ”agenda”.
  • What makes Robinson tick exactly?  Is he just another agent working for the puppet masters?
  • France is already there and Theresa May will follow suit if she gets the chance. ”I note from yesterday’s London Times, that one of the first policy steps by the Macron led French Government is to propose a law to make the State of Emergency powers permanent and following her humiliating miscalculation, one of the few objectives Prime Minister May referred to when she re-entered No. 10 was an intention “to keep Britain safe and secure” (which she had blatantly failed to do!)
  • F35 grounded indefinitely – irregularities in pilot’s o2 supplies.  It’s becoming clear that this thing is a disaster.  Why didn’t we build something ourselves?
  • ”DEEP project” in the defence sector
  • EU White Paper on the future of Europe2025 is the deadline for defence & security.  A more integrated and effective defence system has been ”demanded” by EU citizens.  Really?  Hmmmm.  Common Defence Policy.  There’s that word again.
  • EU had been subcontracting to NATO for some time.  This is not an EU Army – This is unification of UK forces into the EU so they can get a central budget based in Brussels.
  • ”European Defence Fund” has now been announced.  Embedded in R & D.  Watch out UK.    Industrial union as contracts are now shared with EU partner manufacturers. e.g. the challenger tank update. Hmmm.  We have had trouble in the past when our projects were disrupted.
  • Theresa May is directly responsible for the incarceration of Child Abuse Survivor Melanie Shaw.  Disgusting.  David Ellis – Let’s crowd fund and get this girl a QC.

  • George Greek Trucker

    patricia may
    I’m very Sorry for this Lady in Prison. I’m not sure of the case, but I get the gist. No one should be treated like this. Can we not do as David suggests and get a fund going to get her legal representation. Melanie Shaw. I’m going to look into this.

    patricia may
    Re B2/B1/B52 Bomber deployment at Fairford: I saw two black/dark grey planes big fat heavy looking going over a field near me Frinton, about 2 to 3 weeks ago. Humming loud sound. I stopped and stared as did another Couple walking their Dog. I thought it very strange, after hearing you today, I was wondering if these two Bombers were on their way to Farefield over The Sea from Clacton/ Frinton? I did mention to my family/friends and husband, the Planes were not like anything I’ve ever seen.

    Albert Metcalf
    British government wanted Tommy Robinson to lead EDL and be their inside-man

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