London Attack – Find the HOAX anomaly: “The Neighbouring restaurant”

smoke’n mirrors

Published on Jun 13, 2017
Mr Happy Think Tank V.2

So how do all the channels know he was a witness? He is wearing different clothing so this was done at different time/day. Only explanation as always is this *unt is part of the whole script. They obviously got someone who knew how to repeat the same lines again and again.

Natural Mystic
A gay bloke called Dick Angel?

upper cut
Like the Angel Colon in the Orlando Hoax, sat next to Dr Lube!

Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax – The LYING Doctors

Published on Jul 6, 2016

Dr Cheatham?????

Guy Jordan @Kearnsy74
The best part was when the “doctors” refused to say who operated on Colon. This is what I think went on. The “doctors” just looked at one another when asked which one operated on Angel “Butt Shot” Colon. It was as if each one was saying, “I didn’t do it, you take it.” “I don’t wanna. It’s Yours, Lube.” “Nuh-uh, you say you operated on him, Cheatem!” “No, damn it, I have to lie about the rifle wound statistics. Do I have to do everything?”  Love it.

Kevin White
god I pray someday the truth comes out about these fake events and all of these victims and witnesses get charged with treason. because thats what it is… treason on us all.

DeSiReSs NeSs
Where are the doors to that restaurant? I can’t see an entrance/exit on the side – shown.

upper cut
All Truth Passes Through Three Stages;
First, It is ridiculed.
Second, It is Violently Opposed.
Third, It is accepted as being Self-Evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860)

Never-die Young
“Fire safety – in an emergency, you can’t have a crush of people in a
public building holding the doors CLOSED. In some fires with multiple
fatalities, it was noticed that the dead would be literally piled up
behind the fire doors.”

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