UK Electorate Defy The Gatekeepers

”Beforehand, members of the “Establishment Journos Club” had been merrily tweeting each other with predictions of how big the Tory majority would be. It was beyond the comprehension of these absurd out-of-touch, mutual- prejudice re-enforcing stenographers that voters would defy the instructions of their “superiors” and vote in large numbers for a “hard-left, friend of terrorists/IRA supporting, anti-Semitism condoning, crimes-of-Milosevic-denying, NATO and Trident opposing, sandal-wearing Kumbaya-singing, enemy of Britain” (take your pick from the smears), like Jeremy Corbyn.But they did.”

”Make no mistake, GE17 shows us that the power of the gatekeepers is on the wane, if not finished altogether. No longer do people accept that certain individuals with an exaggerated sense of self-importance have the right to tell them what policies and politicians are “off limits” — and which views are “acceptable” and which are not.

Public ownership, a change in UK’s neocon foreign policy- and a break with neoliberalism were put before the voters — and they responded positively.

Thursday June 8, 2017 was not just a vindication of the politics of Jeremy Corbyn. It was also a great day for British democracy.”

© REUTERS/ Stefan Wermuth

Neil Clark

TAP – You do wonder if, without the dirty tricks being played in places like Plymouth, Labour might not have won a majority. Plymouth was won by Labour despite all the tricks, but in other places like Hastings, the result could have been affected (supposedly won by Amber Rudd by 300 odd votes). The postal voting was clearly a factor in this election as in many others with suspiciously high levels of postal voting in key seats. This is often used to stuff votes in favour of one favoured candidate. This is evidenced by people turning up to vote and finding their vote has already been used by someone else. Voting lists were not updated, so recently registering voters could not vote as their names had not yet appeared due to the delay in notifying voting stations of their right to vote. I noticed that I was asked for my voting number as I left the voting station. Whose business is that, I wondered? If you intended to get voters out, maybe that’s a useful piece of information. Also it helps to be sure who the non-voters are, and that allows others to use the votes of the people who never vote, without them ever knowing.

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