Is European Terrorism as Simple as it is Portrayed by Government?

13 June 2017

Can anyone be taken in by a logic that requires heavily armed police to patrol the beaches of Scarborough

‘The logical terrorist who plans would ensure time and location were both safe (unless of course he/she intended to destroy themselves in the process) and the crazed killer by their very nature is disinterested in risk. Of course as happened in so many recent cases the suggestion is made that deadly force saved lives and everyone therefore swallows the irrational extension that we need an armed cop on every corner just in case.

Clearly the policy of heavily armed police and the publicity surrounding them, must be for a quite unrelated reason. Not only is the public persuaded this is an essential move in its own interest to ensure its safety, these deadly weapons and the subtle mental shift that must accompany them if they are to work, is sold as positively ‘soft, cuddly and child friendly’, when nothing will disguise from any sensible person, the exact opposite is the case. In this way a major change in policy and policing practice is introduced with virtually no democratic debate or oversight and is almost welcomed by the public as a necessary and good thing.”

GW:  What if they want to go in ”for a dip”?  Who minds the weapons?  Do they wear black coZZies?

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