Election 2017 – Part iii


May shot herself in the foot with her so called dementia tax and of course the leak about the NHS. I was determined to vote Tory this time but it was those two things that stopped me voting at all, its almost like her campaign was sabotaged by her inner circle. which is probably why they had to resign..
Ive never seen a campaign run so badly

I’m 40. A lot of people form my age group were energized by new labour in the mid 1990s and were quite gleeful about seeing the sleazy tories toppled from rule. Blair’s subsequent lies and failings left us demotivated and jaded by politics. I voted tory in 2010 because I was sick and tired of what labour had become. Corbyn’s given a lot of us a reminder of older, more radical days and let’s be honest. We benefited from things like a free education. We work hard and pay our taxes. Why shouldn’t some of this money help our kids?

Hello? It’s an anti-Brexit vote.

I don’t think so . I think most young people got fed up with the NHS crisis , enormous student fees and genuinely lack of opportunities . It’s really brutal out there for students and I can say that since I was one not so long ago .

Obi Wan Korbyni has The Force behind him, Emperor Rupert’s Corporate Media Propaganda Machine is losing its effectiveness as the younger generation are no longer drawn in by its tawdry smears and distortion.

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