Theresa May neither the style nor the policies Britain wants

”It seemed strange and somewhat vulgar that the only contribution David Cameron made during the June 2017 British general election was a photograph posted on Instagram of his and his wife’s feet while on holiday in Portugal.

On second thought, it is not at all strange that he has been eerily quiet throughout this saga. Apart from funding and arming jihadis in Syria and bleating ‘Assad Must go’ David Cameron has little in common with his successor Theresa May. While Cameron is an out-of-touch semi-aristocrat, May is bland and disdainful of humanity as a whole. Her Draconian policies of increasing bureaucracy, wanting to censor the internet, denying the Scots the right to a referendum are testament to the fact she doesn’t even like her own people much less foreigners. Not even members of her own party can relate to her. While Cameron & the upper-class hooligan Bullingdon set delight in antics involving pigs, booze, drugs and vandalism, Theresa May’s dirtiest little secret is, by her own admission running through fields of wheat. Yet, she is far more dangerous.”

She is insincere, uncool and unimaginative. Whatever she may be repressing, is unlikely to be of a salacious nature.


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