Election 2017: The 35-44 year olds

.. Every country needs a sort of catharsis, from time to time.. to atone for their sins.
The UK has sinned a lot, recently…
The establishment treats its own country like a colony…
.. on the international arena, together with the American hegemon, forces other countries to vassalage..
.. and the nation, as a whole, wasn’t even interested in stopping these rogue and corrupted “elite”.. Usually, more than 50% of eligible electorate didn’t vote..
Until now… but it is not enough.. and we have to suffer a bit, before we will get an absolution..

peter john
The real problem the tories have as a party they stink and individually many of them do also.
Something May should work on if she is capable which I doubt.

I would also say that this (my) age group also shows no party loyalty, which is a good thing for democracy. While older generations will stick to a party no matter what due to some class identity, younger voters will shop around, weigh the options and vote for the party they judge the best. This is why the turnout was so low for this group in 2015: Milliband’s program was not inspiring and just offered slightly, but only slightly, less painful austerity and he did not even sound sincere about it. The young stayed home because the choice offered was not great. Not because they don’t care, but quite the opposite.

It also shows how political strategists and pundit grew so out of touch and came to see politics as a game forgetting what the game was about. But it’s not a game, is it. The amount of food on many people’s table depends directly on decisions taken in Westminster.

Don’t generalise about older generations. I’m old and I shift my vote according to policies as do my friends something I have always done.

Crazy Hippie
What was it someone said the other day? Mrs May.. the only fascist in history who couldn’t get the trains to run on time.
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1 hour ago
Crazy Hippie
What you are describing is neoliberalism, aka supply-side economics, aka “Voodoo economics” as George Bush snr called it, ushered in by Reagan and Thatcher in the early 1980’s.

This is the discredited belief that if a country destroys the power of trade unions to protect their member workplace rights, wages and jobs, then slashes taxes for the uber-rich and corporations, eliminates regulation over businesses and the public ownership of the utility companies and all other publicly-owned state assets, then economic prosperity for all will follow.

Well, we all know how that worked out don’t we? The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

The lightly regulated global financial service sector collapsed right across the world in 2007/2008, and had to be rescued from itself by the public purse. By any definition that isn’t capitalism, that’s collectivism. You see? Socialism does work… for the rich.

Neoliberalism is over for this country… Seven years of Tory austerity, the shock referendum result, and May’s astonishing melt-down are its death-rattle.

Education & social provision is not free sweets. It’s Mark of a civilised & functioning society. Repeated tax cuts, loop holes, sweeteners & QE for banks is though. You have no idea what has been given away in your name, it’s bizarre you pipe up to object to this.

Si Peertrowski
Where did they get the money to bail out the banking system? And is that more important than a home and an education?

Talking about those with off-shore accounts? They’ve been given plenty of sweeteners by the Tories.

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