‘Wrong signal at a disastrous time’ German ex-defence chief savages EU Army plan

Willy Wimmer hit out at the EU Army plans


GW: Yep Polish Politico Donald Franciszek Tusk current EU President & Luxembourg Politico Jean-Claude Juncker current President of EU Commission, both suffer from illusions of grandeur and really want to get their hands on an EU Army.  Upstart Tusk is apparently not even liked by his own countrymen who voted against giving him a further EU presidential mandate recently.

The stuff with Tusk goes back to the Sikorsky Plane crash in 2010 which purportedly killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski and some of the country’s highest military and civilian leaders. 

A key witness in the case Remigiusz Muś, a 42-year-old aviation engineer died mysteriously in 2012.

See SGT Report


”Friends, important note: You absolutely must stay tuned through the one hour mark to see the footage of the 2010 Polish plane crash that was used as cover to topple the entire leadership of Poland which stood aligned against the EU. ALSO: MUST WATCH RELATED UPDATE:

Shocking information from Poland – D. Tusk & E. Kopacz fully responsible for Smolensk scandal!

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