UK Column News 12 June 2017 – Faced 1922 Committee

    • ToriCon Cabinet – 24 Remainers & 6 Brexiteers. Not many of the Cabinet want to Leave do they?
    • BoZo is heading the polls now.  Not a nice person – very dangerous person.
    • ToriCons unleashed Applied Behavioural Psychology on the public boasting they can change views & values.  ”Nudge Unit” then turned into a ”business”.
    • Quisling Brainwashing Network – Olivier Oullier French expert brought in by Cameron.
    • ToriCons now pruning their Manifesto – thought parties had to abide by Manifesto once elected.

George Greek Trucker

Harry Hawk
Bang on! FT is the Bilderberg Post.

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