‘Saved more money than anything’ Is this the REAL reason Osborne sped up pension changes?


George Osbourne the SMILING KNIFE – reduced the state pension, instead of getting £240+ like all the other pensioners, he gave them £150 and pretended it was a big rise. He let the pensioners getting the higher sum continue getting it, because they would have let the cat out of the bag, by causing riots, that would have let people know they were getting a reduction and not a rise. That extra money was given because they paid into SERPS. The new pensioners have been duped and robbed.

Osborne is an odious gnome, full of hubris, and anything he is involved in can be counted on to be cold, calculating, and self-aggrandising.

Is it any wonder that May got rid of him., He’s now dedicated his life to getting rid of her – and Brexit, because that is the will of the people he holds in contempt.

Anything he says or does, anyone he associates with, can be relied on to be suspect and malicious. He’s now the editor of the Evening Standard from whence he has ample room to vent his vindictiveness. Just ignore him.

This is not new, Many people saw through what the evil man has done and not only this but also to BTL landlords. Whilst most people saw the attack on Landlords as “Yeah, let them have some pain”. few realised what the cost was going to be to the tenants. Most tennants will see their rents rise by an average of 40% over the next 3 to 4 years. All this to claw back taxes, Osbourne, you are a real piece of work. Thankfully your time is over and you will be remembered as a has been.

How DARE this numbskull say “it was the easiest saving he made” regarding the treatment of ladies born after 1953. Does he not realise the implications of this needless, cruel ruling on these ladies. We have all worked, through necessity not choice, brought up families & cared for our elderly parents BUT because we happened to be born in “The Wrong Year” our later lives have been clouded by anxiety & hardship. Theresa May in her little gilded cage knows nothing of the struggles of ordinary, senior women, how could she? The only child of a prosperous vicar & wife, who died young, no children, a nodding dog of a husband who runs a hedge fund, she couldn’t care less about us. People can see who she REALLY is now, she’s treating everyone with the same distain as she has treat us for the past 3yrs. She should GO NOW !!

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