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Anonymous 9 June 2017
The Election was all about sabotaging Brexit. Best the Tories could come up with was free hospital parking?! Do me a favour.

Hell Jay 9 June 2017

Anonymous 10 June 2017
It was always obvious the Tories under the weak and unpleasant May did not have a 20% lead over Corbyn’s Labour. The key questions are: a) Why were the pollsters giving a false sense of public opinion? b) Who advised May to call an election based on these polls?

My sense is that this was a con trick that went wrong, where the media would present May as the unassailable next Thatcher, and portray anyone who disagreed as a minority of ‘losers’ and ‘terrorist sympathisers’. In fact all it did was create a band of ‘shy Labour’ voters and alienated many people who might have thought of voting Tory.
Clearly the truth was known to many people in high places, though. I believe the terrorist attacks during the campaign were orchestrated by shadowy international sympathisers of the Tories who realised May wasn’t doing as well as was officially being reported and wanted to try to boost her popularity in a despicable way.
We now seem to have a Conservative Party and client media hoisted by their own petard – unable to disown a fake and a loser who they were lavishing praise on just a few days ago. And until they do, the government is powerless to act on any of their pet international projects, whether over Brexit, Syria or anything else.
Couldn’t have happened to nastier people!

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