Theresa May to launch extreme internet plans despite not winning majority

”Almost all of Ms May’s plans for stopping terror have focused on internet communications, despite there being no proof that they are responsible for recent attacks. She said after the London Bridge attack that she planned four ways to stop terror, which included internet regulation alongside countering propaganda and segregation.

Experts and the Open Rights Group have warned that those plans for internet regulation could in fact make life easier for terrorists.”

Thanks to NLAT for the link.

There are plenty of seniors who have embraced technology, then there are the few who are inherently scared! And will not, and in Mays case she is such a obstinate fool that she is so scared of anything she doesn’t understand properly she will waste billions trying to control it….. funny that! there’s a magic money tree when the Tories need one!

Theresa thinks that the best place to look for a needle is in a haystack – in stark contrast to most sensible people who believe that more police focusing on suspcius people is more efficient. She is either stupid or has a hidden agenda.

Annie Haz
Not only is she a megalomaniac, she’s a deluded IT illiterate if she thinks she can stop terrorists by policing the internet. After all, that’s worked so well with paedophiles, none of those around now……not! Did everyone notice that she stole Mr Corbyn’s original “slogan”? “So no one, and no community, is left behind”!  Sorry Mayhem, it absolutely doesn’t sound like you mean it, because you don’t. You don’t care about the people of this nation, you care only about yourself. YOU ARE THE TERRORIST, YOU ARE PATIENT ZERO FOR OUR NATION’S ILLS!

She is ignorant in many ways including those of IT, she is determined to attempt to curb the way we communicate online because she cannot compete with the truth. It has nothing to do with terrorism. If it did she would not touch it, ask the DUP.

I read that one in six people use a VPN ( virtual private network), some businessmen use them for data security and many to allow downloads from abroad ( BBC iplayer spoofing etc). Try regulating that. A VPN server in , say, Kazakstan, is hard to regulate.
Most likely she doesn’t know how the internet works.

Well – here we go!
I have bought a HUGE bag of popcorn so that I can sit and watch these odious Tories rip themselves to pieces as they try to stay in power
Not only talking to the political wing of a terrorist group – but actually bringing them into the UK government?
What a shower of t—-s

Mihangel apYrs
Her daddy was “Anglo-Catholic”, i.e. into rites higher than those of the Bishop of Rome.  Unfortunately ”groomed” from an early age.


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