Defeated MP Gavin Barwell appointed Theresa May’s new chief of staff

NLAT: This is the Tory who wrote a book on how to win a marginal seat
GW: Mr Barwell must have ”other qualities.”

”Theresa May has appointed Gavin Barwell, the Croydon Central MP who lost his seat to Labour in the general election, as her new chief of staff.

Mr Barwell had clung on to his seat with a tiny 165-vote majority in 2015, but lost out to Sarah Jones on Thursday night by more than 5,000 votes.

The ex-housing minister had written a book about how to win a marginal parliamentary seat.”

Where have all the Tory posters gone (long time passing) who never tired of telling people like me that the British people would never vote for socialism, and that Corbyn`s huge crowds meant nothing? Whoops! May will be history shortly, as I predicted when she was 25% ahead! She will follow hot in the footsteps of the “invincible ” Cameron.

It is rather disappointing isn’t it.
Perhaps we will have to make do with sanity for a while.
I can’t help wondering what sort of person voted for the likes of Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Iain Duncan Smith and Damian Green, I can only conclude that their constituencies have a number of psychiatric facilities that allow the inmates to vote.

I don’t know what the figure is now but an MP that’s voted out got £80k lump sum and I think it was tax-free, so not bad really.

This is what happens when you stab your core voters in the back Gavin. Don’t say you weren’t warned – you didn’t even have the guts to turn upto the ARLA conference. I hope Section 24 haunts you for a long time.

It’s like christmas without Turkey….

Just like a stick of seaside rock, Gavin Barwell is self-service through and through!

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