Britain is sleepwalking into joining EU army, warns top UK military commander

”Major-General Julian Thompson told that ministers are quietly signing up to “vast military plans” devised by Brussels whilst the public gaze is largely on Brexit.

In a blistering intervention he said proposals put forward by eurocrats will “touch every part of the UK’s defence policy” and warned the UK could become militarily tied to Brussels for year’s to come.”

With eyes wide open is nearer the truth.

Germany, which owes billions to NATO is the main Proponent for creating a EU Military. Obviously a Military over which she will have a lot of Control. It speaks for itself when May phones Merkel to agree when Brexit talks will begin and not Juncker. It is worrying to say the least.

Clearly Mrs May is signing up to these EU forces.. The Conservatives are doing all in their power to screw up Brexit, How sad that the British electorate didn’t notice.

“… plans for a massive EU defence fund …”
Now that’s what I call a sense of humour.
With America’s over 2% gdp funding equating to almost 80% of the cost of forces in NATO (the only force that has secured the balance of power and therefor the peace in Europe) how the hell do these eu countries expect to fund 100% of an eu army when they don’t even fund to a level of 2% gdp for their own? They/we would be outgunned without the USA.  With a Tax of 2% of UK income that’s how.

As usual Brussels is trying to punch way, way above its weight. Pay for your present commitment first eu/Merkel, BEFORE you push for ever increasing expenditure!

It won’t stop there either. There will be a common defence procurement policy – all arms, aircraft, ships, vehicles etc will be supplied by – you’ve guessed it…Germany. Our defence industry will hit the pan, the jobs, R&D, supply chain, and economy will be decimated because of it. They will insist in co-operation and sharing of defence information and military hardware secrets. Our world class and industry leading BAe and other defence industries will be forced to give up their technology secrets under the umbrella of collective sharing and our personnel flown to outposts around the world we would never even dream of interfering in, in an EU expansionist role.

GW:  Hardly an ”Exclusive” DE.  AM have been reporting this for a long time!

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