Where did it all go wrong for May? Tories furious at strategist dubbed election ‘wizard’


It’s obvious even to a small child that the Tories deliberately threw away their election chances. I hope she now goes ahead with Brexit, but I’m not raising my hopes. I expect more stalling and probably a new leader before much time has elapsed.

They should have talked about the economy, immigration, issues voters cared about. In my opinion it was deliberate, why call an unnecessary GE and then shot yourself in the foot by attacking pensioners!

the one next to Pete
She may be tough, although that’s not yet proven, but she comes across as cold and lacking empathy, also when asked a question she doesn’t like she has a withering look of hatred which unfortunately doesn’t make the question go away, I can understand why she avoided the debates.

Very well said. Although everyone talks about the social care proposal, I think that even mentioning fox hunting was idiotic. She also missed the chance to reform the foreign aid programme which is hugely unpopular.

A H H Esq
Lets put it this way Farage would have eaten Corbyn alive with home truths in a one to one debate,the young have taken Corbyn at face value and those pop concerts and pubs they visit are now less safe places,Corbyn smiles at the white working classes and favours anyone else,fact.

Zacha4 @ Daily Express
Thought of the day -ve campaigning does not work

EU Independance project fear campaign – Failed
Anti – Trump by H Clinton – Failed
Coalition of chaos by Tories – Failed

I dont want you telling me what the opposition will do if elected, I want to know what YOU are going to do if elected,

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