Telegraph: How long will she last? Part iv

The discussion about who should replace TeasMaid has now segwayed into the effectiveness/or otherwise of Michael Gove as Education Secretary. Expect fireworks.

alan turner 9 Jun 2017
Gove is the only sensible choice. He believes in Brexit and is competent.

Jonathan Bywater 9 Jun 2017
@alan turner You have got to be joking.

Marcus Aurelius 9 Jun 2017
@alan turner

Gove is an untrustworthy blighter. Not one of us at all. A cad and a bounder.

Mr Toad 9 Jun 2017
@alan turner

During his tenure as Education Secretary he undermined teachers and left scars which have still not healed. I would not call that competent.

Mr Toad 9 Jun 2017
@T Sullivan @Mr Toad @alan turner

No. Actually they needed support rather than a whole new set of obstacles to learning.

Do you know how restraining the National Curriculum is and how it stifles creativity when teachers are unable to stray from the government imposed lesson agenda? Do you have any appreciation at all of the completely unnecessary damage OFSTED causes in terms of undermining confidence, unnecessary paperwork etc?

A reasonable summary of Gove’s so-called ‘crusade against failing schools’ can be seen in articles at:

GW:  The World is watching UK.  Get it right.

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