Telegraph Wetting Themselves – Get A Grip TCs!

This looks like a calamity for Theresa May. How long will she last now?

Thanks to NLAT again for the link.  He’s ”everywhere and nowhere baby” – apologies Jeff Beck – at the moment that’s for sure.  STOPPIT GW.

Nigel Scott 9 Jun 2017
This election was not about Brexit, the electorate clearly think this is decided although the terms not. Labour were clever by making it about other issues, social services etc. helped by the catastrophic Tory manifesto.

Tory gains in Scotland and the North were about Brexit however and they can hardly now turn back and keep those votes.

The metropolitan “elite” have had a come back but they are still not in power. When the reality of the Eu demands becomes clear no party except the craven LibDems can be seen to submit to them.

Leadership is partly about charisma, May has none, but she should stay on for six months to start the Brexit negotiations then stand aside let Boris take over and prepare for the next election which no doubt will have to happen before any deal can be approved in parliament and maybe even as the negotiations get nasty.

The Tories only choice now is hard ball, show how the Eu demands are outrageous and an affront to our sovereignty, the Brexiteers are still there they just got distracted by other issues. Anything else, such as caving into the Eu would mean the end of the Conservative Party as we know it, and maybe even split.

How politics changes in 6 weeks, we thought Labour was finished now it is the Tories fighting for survival even though they won the election.

John Denness 9 Jun 2017
I guess what this shows is if as David Cameron said “We are all in this together” make it happen don’t make the richer a lot richer and the working class and poor a lot poorer.

Don’t let bankers off scot free after virtually destroying the economy, they were quite happy to take all the rewards, big houses, million plus pay packets, they should have taken the stick at the other end, lost homes, lost pay packets and jail, as they do in Iceland.

It means that if you say these things make it happen because the rest of us just getting by will always be bigger and at some point we will get our revenge.

ted crilly 9 Jun 2017
Oh dear where are all the braying Tory donkeys today?  Now Now.
Perhaps now you might consider that you are being lied to by the 1% owned MSM?

Brenda Slagg 9 Jun 2017 6:59AM
@Marcus Aurelius Polls are now utterly discredited so we do not know that the “high popularity” ever existed, but one way to go from high to low in such short order is to take the electorate for granted, which is what that appalling campaign did from the outset, coupled with astoundingly daft policies. She must have done it on purpose.

IAN GILL 9 Jun 2017
Michael Fallon? In charge? God, I hope not. The old school. As a Conservative voter, I have to say, he needs to follow Mrs May out of the door.

GW:  My My My we’re all angry now.  Apologies Slade.

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