Telegraph: How long will she last? Part ii

They are talking about ”Common Purpose ” in the Telegraph?

James Newbound 9 Jun 2017
The country was crying out for a proper Conservative Government instead we got a bright blue manifesto with a watered down Brexit, increased Foreign Aid spending, Dementia tax, no-show at Leaders debate and two terror attacks thanks to an incompetent ‘‘common purpose’‘ Home Office which Theresa ran for 7 years..

Leni Kim
With Brexit, I trusted the British people effectively saved themselves out of the mean and demagogue medieval white Conti-Europe. To be fair and international again with its true British values…

It was not. Very disappointed. Still hoping though.

Actually, it is better that true rational Brexiteers now have an opportunity to lead the UK with a narrative of the real ethos behind Brexit, not just success on “trade”.  Good work Leni.

Richard West 9 Jun 2017
Britain is a sick nation. The fact that many, many people voted for a return to socialism, nationalized industries and confiscatory tax system is sick.

Richard Carlson 9 Jun 2017
May has become the UK Hillary Clinton.  Wake up Richard!  Didn’t you read the ”script”?

Dan Pepper 9 Jun 2017
Does anyone doubt that if we had Andrea Leadsom, we would be in this situation today? They (the Tories and media) brought it on themselves. I’m strangely amused by the whole thing. Interesting times ahead.

Chips Granite 9 Jun 2017
@Dan Pepper Leadsom was the obvious choice but the Tory party wasn’t prepared to take the final step in resolving the rift which had split the party for a generation. Putting a remainer in charge, and then delaying the Brexit process far longer than absolutely necessary was always going to lead to problems.

Richard Lewis 9 Jun 2017
May is basically a liberal…definitely not a leader…and a supporter of Remain. Time the Tory party woke up and listened to the majority who voted to Leave the EU…choose a leader who speaks for them and who has always believed in Leave.

May will be gone by Noon today…get on with it!

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