Theresa May failed to gain a majority because she grossly misunderstood the ‘will of the people’

The Junk yard dog is the best analogy of the press. Vicious, unlikable and will attack for no rational reason at all.

The junk yard dog is a deranged animal used by its owner, to do his dirty work. Journalists and newspaper owner are an analogous duo, who create fake news and sensationalism for a living and profit.

This is most interesting. It will, presumably, be necessary to call yet another General Election within a relatively short space of time. By then the Conservatives’ incompetence, particularly in regard to their negotiating with the EU will be even more of a factor, and the electorate will be further immunised to the hysterical propaganda of the extreme right-wing press. By then those Leave voters who went with the Conservatives will have been significantly depleted by natural causes, while there will be far more educated young on the electoral roll. These will know that their vote counts. So perhaps May’s thousand-year Reich will be averted.

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