What Happened To The ToriCon Landslide? – Part ii


We heard all the nonsense about the EU ‘interfering’ in our election with no evidence other than a leak of a disastrous dinner with Juncker which showed May to be the useless robot she is. How unforgivable of a European newspaper to give us some facts!more than we ever got from her. Meantime the Nasty Party has hired a blooming Australian to do their dirty work and has Rupert Murdoch the Australian American pumping out right wing propaganda to undermine our democratic opposition.It’s fine if the ‘interfering’ is from right wing a@@@es like offshored Murdoch and the Barclay brothers.

Why? Has May turned into a female Erdogan? Who keeps holding elections until he likes the outcome…lol

Prelude to nothing
May’s lack of leadership ability has been shown to the world.
She is a follower ……. Follows the ‘will of the people’, Follows orders, follows flawed advice, follows procedures; rather than evaluate and do the right thing.
She can’t lead the Brexit negotiations simply because she can’t lead.

And who are that bunch in the shadows who bankrolled her campaign. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Sir Henry and Lady Keswick – £150,000. Keswick’s company Jardine Matheson was linked to tax avoidance via Luxembourg and has numerous subsidiaries in tax haven Bermuda.
  • Charles ‘Julian’ Cazalet – £10,000. Cazalet is a non-executive director of NHS private provider Deltex Medical Group.
  • John Griffin – £900,000. Griffin and his private hire firm Addison Lee were caught up in a lobbying and tax avoidance scandal in 2012.
  • David J Rowland – £200,000. His offshore tax affairs as “mind blowing”.
  • Andrew E Law – £250,000. Law is a hedge fund owner whose firm Caxton Associates is registered in the US tax avoidance state of Delaware.
  • Malcolm Healey – £100,000. Healey was fined by HMRC in 2015 for making £8.6m by using a tax avoidance scheme.
  • Bruce Hardy McLain – £100,000. McLain’s private investment firm CVC Capital Partners is currently embroiled in a £5m bribery and tax avoidance scandal involving Formula One.
  • Ayman and Sawsan Asfari – £100,000 . Ayman is currently under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office. He also runs oil company Petrofac, which avoids tax via Jersey.
  • Rainy City Investments – £100,000 [pdf]. Owned by Peter and Fred Done, who were fined £800,000 by the Serious Fraud Office over money laundering allegations.
  • Investors in Private Capital Ltd – £150,000 . Owned by James ‘Jamie’ Reuben, family friend of George Osborne, it paid no UK corporation tax in 2014 , despite a turnover of £35m.
  • John C Armitage – £1m. Armitage is the founder of Egerton Capital, a hedge fund that enables tax avoidance for investors.
  • JCB Service – £500,000. It’s owned by Anthony Bamford, who was not only named in the Panama Papers, but who operates JCB out of tax haven Bermuda.
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