UK Column News 9 June 2017 – ToriCon Model – Ordo Ab Chao

George Greek Trucker

  • The ”Third Way” as described by Blair is still alive and well.
  • Unworkable country or marshall law a few elections down the line?
  • Expect more ”Terrorist Events” to heighten the tension because BREXIT is part of this as well.
  • All Parties end up working to a Common Purpose perhaps?
  • Corbyn – a Fabian – said this – ”For the many not the few” – a gradual changing of society from ”behind the scenes”.
  • Operation Tempura – Secret Plan to deploy 5,000 soldiers onto UK streets.
  • BREXIT is a fraud as the deal was done before by Cameron.  However TeasMaid has come out of this looking weak which is not what she wanted.
  • EUSSR are now going to play ”hardball”.   We don’t have a political elite which represents the Electorate’s view about exiting the EUSSR or even one that was pretending to have that view.
  • Gilad Atzmon has set up an ”Anti FA Campaign” – light relief.
  • Liar Liar Video”Broken Britain Is Not An Accident” – Who funded that Video which has had over 2 Mill views?  Peoples Assembly have their logo on that Video and they are working in partnership with lots of other organisations.  Are they part of George SoreAss Open Society?
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