Senior Conservatives are refusing to appear on BBC TV, says David Dimbleby

Where Are They? – Part i

Boris Coward Johnson, David Coward Davis, Sir Michael Coward-de-Custard Fallon, where are you honourable gentleman? Come face the music you lying sons of b****s

Come out come out wherever you are. Hiding like frightened door mice and the next tory leader will probably be one of them. If they can’t handle things when the going gets tough then none of them are fit for any position of real authority and power.

Where is that dirty lying Fallon .

May decided to announce, knowing it would affect core Tory votes, that the Conservatives were planning to refuse funding NHS care home facilities for elderly homeowners – those who worked hard throughout their lives – doing the right thing and paying many, many thousands in tax.

During her audience debate, Remainer May and her EU Remainer Chancellor, Philip Hammond, threw leave EU under a bus.

May and Hammond announced they were going to allow hard working, home owner taxpayers to keep up to £100,000 in savings, but after their death steal their housing assets to fund NHS any care home costs they incur, if they needed it. May refused during the audience debate to reveal a cap on those costs,. in fact, if their was a cap!

May & Hammond KNEW this would throw Tory majority, because this has always been about controlling both sides of the Remain and Leave EU coin for the benefit of super rich elites ensuring the value of their stock market investments, especially with regard to property investments, remain unaffected.

Fox hunting anyone ?
Leader of the hunt Paul Dacre has disappeared down a foxhole.

And apparently Murdoch did a runner from the “victory ” party. No Fox TV here.

Hunt down among the Tories those who are Saudi Wahhabi lickspittles

Waiting…..waiting…knitting needles at the ready while the gallows are being strung……..

Yellow bar-stewards, they are fit.

If the Tories think this is a bad result wait until they elect that Massive ”Johnson” as leader

I think that image of bojo has gone. We’ve seen enough examples of when he’s put under real scrutiny and questioning of his complete inability to think on his feet. That would become very apparent if he became leader.

”Peeping from hedge party.” strong and stable has become shy and wobbly.

Crazy Hippie
Bozo, Davis and Rudd? Good grief. Seems the Tories really HAVE lost the plot. Not a statesman among them.

Boris Johnson nowhere to be seen, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,

Bill Tucker US
We haven’t heard any reactions from the anti-Corbyn elements of the Labor Party. An interview with Blair, Mandelson, etc, might prove interesting.

Herpa derp
Where is Hilary Benn when you need him hahaha

That’s because they are too busy arguing in the knife drawer. Give me the knife says spreadsheet Phil, no give it to ne says Davies (I’m sorry I did my best yesterday to boot him out, but being in a safe farming constituency it’s difficult) no give it to ne says Boris.

Is that because it’s daylight now?

Theresa May was right about one thing…..There is no such thing as “Mayism”.

Goodbye Theresa and if you really think this nation will accept Boris Johnson or David Davis, think again, this was a vote not just against May’s delusional arrogance but also against hard Brexit. Now they find themselves in a nightmare scenario and if I was them I would be very worried about calling another election. The prospect of May and Co negotiating anything was laughable, all this Tory party has shown is 101 ways not to get a good deal for the UK and beyond that how to conduct yourself in office. Good riddance!!

Boris will be out shortly. (He just needs an extra hit of the white stuff)

Tom Cassidy
When are the political parties going to forego these so-called gurus, like Lynton Crosby, who has been conspicuous by his absence during this debacle?
However, his cloven-hoof marks are all over this election.

Last night, just after the exit polls were announced, David Blunkett talked of hubris and Conservative arrogance, and how they thought they could continually ignore the electorate and run the country like a private club for themselves. Well the electorate has just delivered a well aimed kick.


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