UK Column News 8 June 2017 – Treason May’s NuSpeak

George Greek Trucker

  • This election is about ”buying time for the nation.”
  • UK Media replaces our election with Cartoon Images & Dogs. What are tptwtb calling UK Electorate? Dogs?  HeHo ”every dog has its day” as the saying goes.
  • Tptwtb – We have the money, the media and the connections and we will tell you how to vote.  The election campaign has been as dirty as it could ever have been.
  • The Sun Front Page – Don’t Chuck Britain In The Corbin -
  • T May says we must be ”led” into the future?  Why?  Do you mean like ”Dogs” Theresa?
  • Tptwtb are now mocking those who have genuine concerns about ”vote rigging” – wonder why?
  • Brexit: UK general election result may have major impact on talks – UKC has always maintained that BREXIT was a ToriCon lie
  • Accused NSA leaker ”Reality Winner” often clashed with Trump’s views before joining federal contractor  – she was tweeting under the name Sara Winners and was working for a group called PluraVis??
  • The ”Cities Agenda” marches forward – New data initiative to help cities tackle climate change
  • ‘100 Resilient Cities Network’Boris Johnson in 2014 said – ”this Rockefeller developed initiative will deliver significant financial support and access to world-leading expertise. One key challenge we face is cyber criminality and so along with other resilience issues, London will develop a comprehensive prevention strategy that involves all of our partners, and enables businesses and Londoners to play their part too.”
  • Benjamin Barber (Founder of Parliament of Mayors) – ”Democratic institutions all over the world are in trouble as an increasing number of people no longer believe in them.  In this scenario cities need to be brought to the centre of the political order …… Mayors all over the world have a ”Common Purpose” when it comes to tackling law & order, terrorism & climate change.”
  • Globalist Policy Agenda of ”City States” is being pushed via – Terrorism/Chaos/Climate Change.  This new form of governance subverts the democratic process as we understand it; & subverts nation states.  Problem – > Reaction – > Solution.  The problems have emanated from the ”establishment”  and not from the electorate.
  • Ptwtb are in a bit of a ”Mail Spin” about  ”No/UK Boots on the Ground” in Syria –Spectacular colourised photos show Britain’s special forces campaigning in North Africa, on Greek islands and in Nazi Germany during the Second World War 
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