HUMANITY vs INSANITY #91 : Election Special No.3

Ian R Crane

Never mind the social & financial destruction Terry May will bring in, fracking will kill the land & everything that lives on it, it’s a tiny island, where are we going to go?

It’s not that hard is it? The tories want Fracking, privatisation of nhs and everything, social care costs (leaving you with 100k if you have any social care- what is social care? visit to docs? – licence to rob everyone after they die), the ability to preemptively nuke anyone in extreme circumstances but won’t say what those circumstances are – let’s hope russia doesn’t pre-emptively strike us on the basis we might preemptively strike them – sort of a race to who can nuke the other first. T May wife of hedge fund manager 1.7 trillion director of g4s companies who get to bid on all the public services she can privatise it’s a husband and wife thing he is the silent unseen banker. She was home secretary who took away passports of extremists so they are stuck here till they do an attack, cuts to police etc. Oh and a north korea style control of internet. Plus still says cannabis has no medical value.

Labour want to tax the rich a smidgeon to help the country as a whole. renationalise railways and cap rents utilities, a real living wage of £10 per hour, restructure council tax to land value tax the fairest form of tax which will only cost you more if you own more than 1 property which the majority of us don’t. extra police and border guards.
Given the above how is that even a decision to make? unless you’re stupid or benefiting directly from tory policies why would you vote tory? and before people say about ira and corbyn why now is it a problem but not 25 yrs ago? and just to top it off the tories had the ira come to downing street in secret in the 1980’s – so pot kettle black double standards. And labour might start asking difficult questions to saudi arabia about exporting extremist whabi-ism islam.

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