Theresa May booed and heckled by butchers shouting ‘vote Labour’ on start of last day of election campaigning

”Theresa and Philip May were booed, heckled and greeted with shouts of “vote Labour!” as they took a trip to a meat market.

The prime minister and her husband visited Smithfields market, London’s biggest meat market, at 5.30am on the last day of campaigning before the election.

As the couple walked around, they were greeted by shouts of “vote Labour” and “end police cuts”. There was also continual booing and shouting as Ms May toured the market.”

protect civiliberties from the tories
Guess what i’ve just been told by my brother in law, who works for the hampshire police force. they are sacking another 15 officers from a very select department. so the cuts are still happening as we speak. more tory lies!
tories=weak and feeble terrorists love them.

Ye Gods and little fishes, whatever happened to the minions with the blue plackards with the soundbites printed on them? Oh this was a REAL meeting with the “proletariat”, so Crosby couldn’t stage manage the whole thing. that’s why she was heckled. It could have been worse, a couple of gallons of fresh bull’s blood thrown in her direction could have made everyone’s day!

She is an idiot. There have been 7 years of diabolical Tory history in government – this moron going to talk to butchers shouldn’t negate that – although there is no telling the way the British public is nowadays anything could happen on Thursday.

lemon and hardy
Why the safety helmets? are they expecting the ceiling to fall in?

lemon and hardy
So our lovely innocent vicar’s daughter claims the naughtiest thing she’s ever done was to run through a farmers field, not supplying arms to Saudi Arabia to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, glumbucket, YOU ARE EVIL.

Tim Gray
The BBC played this clip on there morning show without the sound to try and pretend it was all smiles. In reality Mayhem’s campaign has been a disaster. She seems incapable of meeting real ordinary voters, answering the most basic of questions without having a melt down and has shown she is massively out of her depth. A dreadful PM who is going to be booted out tomorrow.

If the Beeb really did turn the sound down, they are guilty of giving a deliberately misleading impression. That is a breach of their charter.

It worked with striking miners at Orgreave.

Labour / corbyn will win. I see a pattern emerging. The recent so called exposure of khan, corbyn and abbot for example, and their anti British stance mirrors reporting from the trump campaign. The script is exactly the same. Leading up to the US election, there was a flurry of negative reporting about trump. The same is happening to corbyn! Mass media and the one that controls it, controls your life.

How appropriate she should be at Smithfield, given her propensity for cuts.

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