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Following our must-read analysis of the Tory manifesto

new evidence that May is trying to backtrack on Brexit comes every day.
Here’s today’s mind-boggling news: fanatical Remainer Ben Gummer is tipped to replace David Davis as head of the department for exiting the EU!
This comes after May selected prominent Remainer Amber Rudd to deputise for her in the TV election debate. Anyone else spotting the trend here …?

Remainer Gummer Said BREXIT Made Him ”Sick to his stomach”

Thanks to

TimonOfLondon @ Daily Express for this information.  He says:
”Theresa May is a deceitful traitress. Why is she conceding that the UK has “obligations” to the EU? WE DON’T. Even the House of Lords – which is very pro-EU – has admitted this!! She is preparing to pay the EU their blackmail money!!

If you are on Facebook look up the “Brexit Information Centre” page where they have an expose on how she plans to betray Britain over Brexit. It is scandalous!”

”She won’t get Free Market Access”
Who cares? May I suggest you read “The Myth and Paradox of the Single Market” by Michael Burrage?

I can’t wait to see your faces on the 9th when we win with a huge majority,,,, priceless!!

Simple guy
If you’re so keen on Europe a ferry leaves Dover every hour. Au revolt.

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