Khuram Butt’s cryptic WhatsApp message

Khuram Butt WhatsApp profile, he wrote a message on 10 May that read: “ALLAH says (Quran 94:6) – Indeed, with hardship, comes ease.”

Your taxes paid for Theresa May and MI5 to not keep this known radical under surveillance just like the Manchester attacker

Wakey Wakey Time UK
Exactly, we need rid of the EU HRL as soon as possible, i recall all the problems we had trying to deport Abu Hamza to USA, the EU were telling us he would be treated unfairly in USA for years stopping us, also Choudry and other terrorist scumbags,
Juncker even is on record saying ”Jihadi’s have right’s too!!”
We need out of the EU and it’s dangerous FOM and human rights laws fast!

“Indeed, with hardship, comes ease.”

What’s cryptic about this?! Old Latin dictum from Cicerone, “per aspera ad astra”, inspired by Greek mythology where the hero was brought to the Olympus (Astra=stars) but to be an hero he should have done some glorious hard exploit (aspera=difficulties).  Mohammed just translated it in the quaran, showing he knew well Latin literature.  The most obvious thing to think about when you believe you’re gonna gain paradise with such a “brave and hard” exploit like kill many people and make yourself to be killed. Cryptic what?!

Independent Mind
Mohammed relied on Rabbis to teach him about the Bible (Old Testament) So that’s v interesting.

Bob The Body Builder
Can someone explain to me the point of wearing a kind of traditional sack along with bright shiny sports trainers?

Gol Gulok
How Muslims Treat non Muslims when they have the majority:

If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. The problem with the security services is, and always has been, that they think everyone else is thick. They think that if they tell people they can’t break into WhatsApp, criminals and terrorists will use it more. Mafia boss John Gotti wouldn’t discuss ‘business’ in any way other than face to face in the street. Terrorists don’t do their ‘business’ on the internet or social media and Theresa May’s plans to clamp down have nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with those who question the official narrative.

It’s not FlyByNight’s values. It’s British values of respect and tolerance, which are the basis of Britain as a multicultural environment.

I’m an Argentinean-Italian immigrant, but I understand and embrace British culture and what it means for me, for my children and for society in general. If I were against British values, then I shouldn’t have moved here with my family.

What doesn’t make any sense is to undermine the many years of social progress the British society has gone through by allowing some groups to brainwash children and young people, instilling hatred on the values and citizens of the country they chose to live in.

Ah but years ago GW met someone who was IRA and they had their 4 year old repeating slogans about hating the English much to GW’s chagrin.

Straight talking
Good conversation here. I would say that We have to work toward a fair solution but that ultimately mean some painful changes for the greater good. The Koran does not lend itself to reformation. Having read it more than once I’m certain that it presents the greatest danger to our values. It is a horrific manual for a vicious totalitarianism that is causing the actions we are seeing on our streets. Of course there is room for interpretation – and many Muslims never actually read the book. To get a good grip on the motivations of Islamists a read is essential; it’s not so long, about a tenth of the bible.

GW has read it once and was struck by the more simplistic text cf Holy Bible.  It’s more man’s interpretation that is the issue.

Yes, let’s throw in some justification to snoop on everyone’s Tweets…

Funny though, if a terrorist stands on his roof, waving an IS flag while chanting support for Islam, or stars in a TV documentary about terrorism, the security services don’t seem to notice…  Of course they notice.  They will be on the look-out for recruits.

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