General election polls: How they’ve changed during the 2017 campaign

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ECB and FED pr1nt illegally money to channel to stock markets, but that will devalue their currencies nearly immediately.

S1m1lar to quant1tat1ve eas1ng, 1llegal pr1nt1ng w1ll be d1scounted and actually reduce share pr1ces now due to expected d1sturbances 1n future. Let alone that these monies may be h1dden from publ1c now and never returned by 1ntermed1ar1es that causes the r1sky behav1or by them on the f1nanc1al markets. There 1s r1sk usa to follow europe 1n avalanche effect due to returned currency reserves that decl1ne the dollar pr1ce further sharp. Pr1nted money, and returned currency reserves w1ll also create 1nflat1on 1n usa very l1kely as unemployment 1s already below na1ru. Europe 1s 1n currency cr1s1s due to decl1ne of euro, pound also 1s 1n currency cr1s1s, dollar also may be 1n currency cr1s1s w1th strong avalanche effect of returned reserves. 1nflat1on 1n usa w1ll cause d1sturbances and 1t 1s stat1st1cally s1gn1f1cant that h1gh 1nflat1on 1n usa k1lls the share bubble. There 1s no sent1ment for 1rrat1onal exuberance and bubble 1n assets 1n usa. Check how m1 and m2 cont1nue to 1ncrease as though there 1s st1ll quant1tat1ve eas1ng s1nce then though fed balance 1s nearly flat, see m1 vs fed balance for 10 years. There 1s l1qu1d1ty trap that means growth w1ll not follow, only 1nflated markets for assets and goods.

Check also eu for 1llegally pr1nted money for example follow over tr1ll1on target 2 money prov1ded to 1taly, spa1n, greece ma1nly from germany. S1nce these target 2 money are for depos1ts that left abroad, 1t may be 1mposs1ble to return the money to germany , as they gamble for bubble 1n use.

Ask dragh1 and yellen to clar1fy you publ1cly the 1llegal money pr1nt1ng for proofs 1n front of court. Ask them 1f they keep some records at all, or donate money to the1r fr1ends to man1pulate the f1nanc1al markets? Check wh1ch f1nanc1al 1ntermed1ar1es buy shares these days though h1gh r1sk, recklessly, ask them the same quest1ons?

Ask them what they h1de to 1mpr1son me 1llegally as mentally 1ll 1n eu t1ll m1ddle of june to h1de these facts. 1 w1ll show you all documents soon. 1 am wr1t1ng due to your support.

Usa has 3 sectors w1th overspent by some 2 tr1ll1on money as hous1ng, pens1on and health. For over 90 % the government expend1ture are not eff1c1ent and do not lead to econom1c growth. That 1s why the budget cannot be reduced to cover b1g holes . They str1ve w1th def1c1t to cover 1ncomes as spend1ng 1s not eff1c1ent, there w1ll be some mult1pl1er effect but when the debt 1s reduced the effect w1ll be the same 1n oppos1te d1rect1on. The mult1pl1er effect 1s no b1g as usa 1mports a lot of products , but do not export and mult1pl1er decl1nes.

Usa1s w1thout prospect for growth from budget, w1th prospect for 1nflat1on from na1ru , and expected decl1ne on share market where r1ch str1ve to sell you overpr1ced shares, so they should pr1nt money 1llegally. Th1s w1ll only cause further 1nflat1on, bas1cally they have to lead restr1ct1ve monetary pol1cy for h1gh 1nflat1on due to labor resources shortage.

1nequal1ty, demograph1c decl1ne, exports probably now are close only to 1929,record more then half v1s1t school for a sandw1ch, there 1s 30 % decl1ne 1n mall v1s1ts yearly and bankruptc1es of reta1lers. Use such data for analyses, not faked government. See how cnbc t1me ons1te decl1nes from some 15 m1nutes to 2 to forb1d blogs by eu and usa governments. These are not fake news 1f some 50 % trust them but med1a news only 20, 30 %. Pol1t1c1ans and art1cles turn 1n real fake news and v1s1tors decl1ne. F1nanc1al markets ex1st for fare 1nformat1on to lead to cap1tal d1str1but1on and growth, not r1ch to own nearly all markets and control and man1pulate 1nformat1on. The long term prospects of usa and eu markets are ru1ned by fed and ecb, 1n secular recess1on that started and r1ch do anyth1ng to steal your money on markets.

Very [Rypt1[

Take a pen with you to the polling station! Pesky pencils!

Chuka4ToryLeader (Good Lord No!)
Win or lose, we’re a proper Labour party now. New Labour is dead. Hurrah!

Theresa and her team… Theresa and the conservatives… Theresa for Britain… need I point out the irony of a leader who dumps her entire party to become the focus of their campaign being presented as strong and stable, while her rival is described as a cult leader?

Noncom’s Patent Medicine for people suffering from “Pollitis”

  • Walk the dog and drink beer frequently – until Friday.
  • Watch the telly to see what has happened.
  • Walk the dog and drink beer frequently.
  • Repeat as required – no snake oil involved,

The reason for Labour’s rise is simple;

1) The right-wing of Labour had to shut up and not undermine Corbyn for the first time in 18 months… this includes the author of the article, John Rentoul.

2) The Media had to start reporting Labour’s / Corbyn’s policies, which were always popular but under reported.

3) By law, during a general election, reporting of MPs on TV has to be impartial. Although there is some glaring pro-Tory bias it is tempered compared to the previous 18 months.

4) May’s unwillingness to debate the issues head on, which was already evident in PMQs, became a spot-light concern.

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