Did Martin Hakan Hett Die At Manchester Or Elsewhere Or Is He Still Alive?

Posted by Tapestry

”Here are Martyn’s parents on camera a day or two after their son’s supposed death – seemingly not bothered at all, armed with props to look cute for the camera. You decide. Was he really dead? Here is Peekay’s video. He swears a lot, by the way. It’s just his style of talking. I feel that no mother could talk about a dead son in such a way so soon after his death. That’s my take, anyway for what it’s worth. It’s all quite a puzzle, to be honest.”

Manchester Grieving Parents – Sadly People Swallow This


”Martyn Hett most certainly was alive (and maybe still is alive), if the opinions of my friends are correct. I never met him, or heard of his existence prior to Manchester. His Facebook page is not very full of anything real.”



GW: Mr Hakan Hett was/is 29 and apparently from Ankara Turkey? This ”mother” doesn’t sound very Turkish and if her ”son”  is/was 29, why is she cuddling baby toys?

MariaArra Bells1 week ago
E R Here is a link that has several reports of fake information on the attack and the Tweets that continued to spread the lies, as well as the pleas for it to stop..

”AUSTRALIAN photographer Rachel Devine has been forced to speak out after her daughter’s image was falsely circulated as a victim of the Manchester bombing.”


Ears To You1 week ago
Joann Steen over in Australia has a recent video how they used past deceased victim photos in the Manchester Montage.
A very interesting story.

Joanne Steen


David Vose

Mini Min Wonderlust1 week ago
David! Come on! This is real.  Hmmm Is-rael?

Forgotten Palace2 days ago
Yea, something doesn’t settle well at all. I live in Manchester and the city just seemed too prepared too quickly meaning the We ❤Manchester slogan just came up out of nowhere to support the bombing and everyone seems to be getting the Manchester bee tattoo. The One Love concert is happening now and the “injured” who are “healed” were clapped as they walked into the One Love concert.

Jonathan Poole1 week ago
i live not 5 mins away from all this david iv been subbed to you for more than a year and it’s not fake news i can assure you the reason behind this or the people who were used to carry out this might have been dodgy i know that this is to make the British people more susceptible to a war in the middle east and the government will have their backing on the revenge lust i think it’s been a tool they have been using for years the elites are pushing buttons and the poor are dying because of it all so they can go kill more poor in the middle east amd complete the plan …

Mark Davenport1 day ago
i live close to manchester it defo happend i know a few people who were there ..and my mrs had to cover at work for 2 people ..there is alot of fake crap tho lol

Simon 11 day ago
They created terror and panic amongst teenage girls and hormone fueled mother’s. I am sure the casulty figures are correct. People say no-no was killed but I think they are being too generous to the government that organized this false flag. There are crisis actors and stories mingled in with true tales of grief. It’s hard to tell them apart. There are two things going on here. A predictable ( an laudable ) aftermath is people coming together, supporting, raising money and a sense of solidarity and unity. Whoever organized this knows this is the outcome. ISIS (if they exist) know this so why send 5 committed men to their deaths in 3 months for temporary glory. ‘They’ are not a suicide cult, if they were they could jump on a bus and stab 20 in a confined space and could do this every day. Come on people, read your history, join the dots.

Baby blue eyes4 days ago
Omg I know who this woman is, look at Lee Rigby wife and Glasgow bin lorry crash, it’s the same woman but much fatter!!

GW:  Unfortunately the first 2 are a good match but the lady in David Vose’s Video is much older.  Good try.

Danielle Dawson – Glasgow Bin Lorry Survivor

1 RomanT5 days ago (edited)
one of the actresses was a girl (saw it on a video made by smoke & mirrors ), by the name of ‘Sophie Mercer’. Google it, and you’ll see what I mean…just another FF, to usher in martial law

American Patriots For Peace @ spoken mirrors3 days ago
Vid Link: Construction Guy in the Arena to his mate…Hey..have you seen my ”drill” anywhere.?..naah mate that’s not on for another 5 mins. .Boom..Boom,,excuse the pun…

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