UK Column News 6 June 2017 ~ Make June the end of May

Danny Blanchflower tweeted about Amber Rudd being in ”hiding”

  • Bags containing hundreds of Postal Votes go ”missing” in Plymouth
  • TeasMaid announces she will bring back ‘‘The Board of Trade” – to implement TTIP & TPP through ”other means”
  • Pat Henningsen commented on the string of terrorist attacks on the run up to the election.  The TCs want to put a Stamp of Legitimacy on TeasMaid.
  • BREXIT negotiations to start in 10 days time????
  • Here come the ”Cities” – All Over The World They Glowed Green in support of the Paris Agreement?????  We can now spread the ”theme” across the world instantly.  What a waste of energy.  Apple & Google also agree to uphold it.  Subversion of national autonomy????  Corporatism????
  • London Bridge ”Event” – the search for that CH4 Documentary The Jihadis Next Door brings us to Page Not Found ”Cheer up.  It’s not the end of the world.”  Accompanied by a picture of a one-eyed individual.  Who are CH4 working with?  This could be translated as the Dajjal System.  Mr Henningsen said that they should explain themselves.
  • Christian Church not showing correct leadership at the moment.  The church hierarchy prefer to hang in the company of world power brokers and bankers rather than attending to their flock.
  • Telegraph’s Police uncover YouTube link to London terror attack.  This headline infers that this is so but reading through it they are going to censor uTube under guise of fighting ”extremism”.
  • The amount of bullets fired by police during London Bridge incident.  A Firearms Operative is taught to aim for the centre of the target NOT ”shoot to kill” according to army personnel.  However the Robocops at London Bridge apparently shot to kill & shot at least 50 bullets – far too many in a place where lots of innocent people are stranded.  They also covered their faces and didn’t carry ID Numbers.  This is not is supposed to happen on UK streets.
  • Cressida Dick had an accidental death due to a police shooting on her watch but doesn’t seem to bother too much about it.  She has said ”We should equate terrorist activity with criminal activity.”  Cressida Dick is a Common Purpose trainee.
  • People killed by Taser – Amber Rudd has said ”A small number of deaths have occurred due to tasers”  but heh that’s OK. 
  • Son of George Orwell has said ”Look behind the language” to understand what’s being thrust upon you by tptwtb.
  • Securitization of Mortgages needs to be given more publicity.
  • ”Mechanics of Modern Murder” – is being hosted at UK Column Website.
  • Stephen Fry says that Facebook is now like a newspaper so it should make sure comments are not defamatory.  Facebook was build by the user base.  They define it and give it value.  Facebook is NOT a newspaper Stephen Fry.  Fry is playing at Gatekeeper for the Establishment.
  • Lawnmower man: Canadian cuts lawn as tornado looms – and photo goes viral
  • Imran Daqneesh – the little boy who became a symbol of Aleppo’s suffering.  His father has spoken out about being used by the media to get an ”effect’ ‘ as he actually supports Assad.  The media is ”a hoax” he said.
  • What did Blair & Straw know about CIA Torture?
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