Dr Louise Irvine – BBC Daily Politics 2017

National Health Action Party

Published on Jun 5, 2017
National Health Action Party candidate for SW Surrey, Dr Louise Irvine talks to the BBC’s Daily Politics about the party’s policies.

GW:  Where’s Jeremy Hunt doing his broadcast then?  Hold on way back in 2015 he was seen on TV talking about NHS funding when David Cameron was still PM.

Jeremy Hunt: Clueless About NHS Funding

Published on Apr 13, 2015

And The Echo has found a letter Hunt wrote to James Duddridge in 2017

Hunt makes a brief appearance in a film clip from The BBC’s Marr Show featured by The Daily Express on 7 May 2017  for their piece about Brussels. In this clip Marr did Hunt the favour of NOT asking any questions regarding his abysmal stewardship of NHS.

Jeremy Hunt SQUIRMS as Andrew Marr quizzes him on Brussels’ election interference


Instead of going after him about this, he should have been badgering him about why 2/3 of the cabinet have large financial stakes in private health/insurance companies, who are and will stand to make HUGE profits as the NHS is increasingly privatised and sold off.

How can we honestly expect a government to fully fund and support our NHS when a large majority of the core MPs (the cabinet) have financial vested interests in making sure it becomes privatised and sold off?

Why doesn’t any of the MSM keep that at the forefront when it comes to talking about the problems in the NHS?

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