Theresa May’s election campaign is in big trouble when Jeremy Corbyn can turn national security into a strength

The Tories and May have a laughable record on security. Apart from cutting police numbers, they have also cut prison staff, at a time of 150% occupancy of British prisons. There is obviously no longer a thought of reforming prisoners, of teaching them the skills to lead a different, crime-free life; May has robbed the system of the necessary resources. This is hardly going to make Britain safer, the nation with a larger prison population than any other in Western Europe. The Tories have also provided the government with greater snooping powers than any other Western government, to what success exactly? The killers were known, but they were still not prevented from killing. It takes people to analyse and draw conclusions from intelligence; it requires resources to monitor suspects and possibly dangerous persons, but May has cut those resources to the bone:

And that is before we even speak of Britain’s disastrous Middle East policy.

On Brexit both David Cameron and Theresa May were / are weak. Both apparently wanted to remain in Europe. Cameron did not have the strength to stand up to the perceived threat from Ukip so in order to maintain the tory vote he went against his own judgement and gave us a referendum. This is weak government. The resulting shambles of brexit / remain campaign conducted via the media intent on creating spectacles such as the bus claiming the Nhs would get 350 million a week if we pulled out of Europe is clearly untrue. May is similarly a weak leader relying on soundboard bites such as ”brexit means Brexit” and ”strong and stable.”  On immigration she has made promises she couldn’t keep; on national security she has clearly failed (20000 police cuts reported at a time of increased national security ) and on the economy , if the economy is so ”strong and stable” why so many other cuts ; to health care ; education ; local authorities . The tories keep bleating on that they are putting more money in; all governments have done that but under the tories the funding per head of population is going down. Also on the economy many businesses rely on cheap Labour via immigrants. We live in a low pay society. Tory soundbites are not the answer. Which money tree did the tories use to give tax cuts to multi millionaires at a time of supposed austerity. Under the tories it’s austerity for the many and wealth for their chums the corrupt bankers who plunged us into this mess in the first place.

Making sheds loads of money isn’t a crime, but making shed loads of money whilst declaring there is no money for anyone else at the lower end of the socio-economic scale should be. Blatantly enriching themselves in front of our faces whilst declaring poverty has been the Conservative’s raison d’être for many years now, but in this digital age, with instant information readily available at everyone’s fingertips, this subterfuge is becoming harder and harder to conceal. Facts such as the following from Wikipedia regarding our membership of the G7 (Group of Seven):

“These countries are the seven major advanced economies as reported by the International Monetary Fund: the G7 countries represent more than 64% of the net global wealth ($263 trillion) A very high net national wealth and a very high Human Development Index are the main requirements to be a member of this group. The G7 countries also represent 46%of the global GDP evaluated at market exchange rates and 32% of the global purchasing power parity GDP.

And yet the Conservatives have convinced many of us that we are broke having “maxed out on our credit card”. If we are indeed always verging on the point of bankruptcy, why haven’t we lost out place in the G7? Except what is really happening is that the corporate elites are enriching themselves, using offshore tax havens such as the Cayman Islands to avoid paying a fair rate of tax in the UK, all assisted by an entrenched political class, propped and maintained up by a MSM with whom they go hand in glove.

In the meantime we have crowds of homeless people, child poverty at record levels, food banks springing up all over the UK, many of our public services sold off or cut to the bone (including the police), and posters below defending tax breaks for the already wealthy, saying lefties just don’t get it.

”I have already voted Tory – I don’t trust Corbyn”
You will however trust Mrs May who campaigned for Remain and then changed her mind and backed Brexit. How quaint. Mrs May who made arms deals with Saudis; Arms which were known to kill thousands of Yemenis and ended up in hands of ISIS. Oh the Tories really are to be trusted with our safety. Cut Army, Navy, RAF, Security Services & police. Economy has been really looked after by Tories. They’ve managed to borrow more money in the last 7 years than Labour did in 3 terms in office including money for bank bail out.

Meanwhile, during this austerity period under the Tories, the rich have become 64% richer and the poor 57% poorer during a recession!!! Unbelievable aye.

Oh well just hope you don’t have a granny or children or family as they will suffer under this Govt. Mrs May has already promised that.

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