The Naylor Review exposed by Dr Bob Gill

The Great NHS Heist

Published on Jun 1, 2017

In 2000, the NHS has was broken up into Foundation Trusts making it easier to sell them off and privatise the rest. New hospitals have been built using expensive private finance initiatives loans, saddling them with debt.

Borrowing 11 billion the taxpayer will have to pay back 88 billion and still not own the hospitals.

In 2009 legislation was introduced by the last Labour government which enabled the debts of one hospital to be used as justification to sell off others which are publicly owned and debt free.

That same year, the management consultants McKinsey produced the QIPP report which set out the sale of 2 thirds of NHS property – The Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition brought in the HSCA 2012 which was followed by the creation of a private limited company NHS Property Services to which 11% of NHS assets were transferred.

Now we’re into the final phase of the land grab.

The Naylor Review published earlier this year gives cash strapped hospitals only one option to be able to buy vital equipment such as MRI scanners through the fire sale of their land and hospitals.

To encourage them to do this as quickly as possible, for every pound they raise by flogging assets, the treasury will give them an extra 2 pounds to spend.

Supermarket style incentives are in place to asset strip our NHS of our hospitals, clinics and surgeries. We’ve already seen it with the post office, railways and countless other public utilities.

But to add insult to injury the government is proposing to spend 10 billion pounds of your money to prepare for the fire sale of your NHS.
We’ve been told time after time by Theresa may that the NHS is not for sale – however her support of the Naylor Review means this simply cannot be true.

Few are willing to speak out – but I am – but I can’t without your help.
Please support the crowdfunder for my film, the Great NHS Heist, and by sharing this video.

I need your help to get the truth out. Thank you.

#naylorreport #naylorreview

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