Manchester Attack: Is this a real eye witness

smoke’n mirrors

Published on May 31, 2017
Kirsty Lloyd was interviewed when the BBC were tugging on the public’s heartstrings by bombarding them with emotional story after story to mask the lack of actual facts about the incident. But how did the BBC find Kirsty?

Did anyone at the BBC fact check what she was saying? Why not?
Listen to this stage managed interview which is full of contradictions and lacking in any detailed recollection of a bomb.

Manchester Attack: Ariana Grande Concert eye witness Interview
You be the charge. Question Everything

zombie by eywa:…


Published on May 29, 2017
Nobody Died, Nobody got hurt.

IRON MAIDEN Jumps on Bandwagon
Kearney 74 – Manchester “Terror” Attack – Obi Wanker Nobi (Hoax Wars – Episode 8) – STOLEN ID – Bombing scammer poses as Ohio girl online
PEEKAY 22 – Manchester Ariana Grande Bombing – What You Need To Know
SideThorn/(How I See The World) – SIX Undeniable PROOFS the Manchester Bombing Is A Staged Government Event

HowI SeeTheWorld

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

AnacondaMaltLiquor – Manchester Clock – Adding To The Pile Of Things That Don’t Add Up

AML has just reported that Peekay 22 has been suspended by BooTube. This will be due to Peekay’s excellent expose on the various False Flags which have been pulled by tptwtb lately. All the world’s a stage etc

Same Girl Same Song Carlee Soto Crisis Actor resurfaces in Manchester –

Full Video
Thanks to MatrixBreak for the information.

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