”London Bridge Is Falling Down Falling Falling Down” – Predictive Programming?

(3) terrorists murder (6) with (1) van and (12) inch knives before being shot dead by police in London Bridge Rampage

”Witnesses told of bodies “strewn” along the road after the van caused carnage at 50mph just after 10pm. On the 3rd of June by any chance??????

Mr Muskrat was unavailable for comment.

The vehicle mounted the pavement yet again!  Same script repeated.  There’s all that Elon Muskrat Driverless Car Tech just waiting in the wings innit.

”An Asian man, around 5ft 6ins and in his mid-30s was arrested”   Well Well. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/london-bridge-terror-attack-stabbings-10555630

7 threes = ?

ClearandTransparent @ Mirror
Kaa (Trust in Me Me Me) is heading a Cobra meeting. Snakes!  Yep.

Police State Here We Come

Peekay Truth

The Police State is on Everyone’s doorstep and you know what? The world Fucking deserves it. Too blind to see they are being screwed up the arse by their own governments with all these staged terror events that even a blind man could see that are fake. People will be begging for security but all that will happen is they will receive fake security in exchange for whatever freedoms they have left.

Rita Katz @ SITE Int 


sovereignty @ TapNewswire
As previously predicted Rita Katz Mossad terrorist based in Washington D.C. announces ……..

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the London Bridge terrorist attack, issuing a statement through its propaganda news service on Sunday night.

Islamic State’s propaganda news service Amaq claimed its militants were responsible for killing seven people and injuring 48 in central London on Saturday, Rita Katz, Director of SITE Intelligence Group, said on her Twitter page.

‘The multi-lingual staff at SITE has years of experience in the research and analysis of terrorist networks”  Erm that’s ”have” not ”has” bimbo.


GW: And just what does ISIS stand for?  Israel Secret Intel Service!  Who let the Katz in?

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