Macron Whistleblower Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances

6 May 2017

An Emmanuel Macron aide who died after collapsing on stage during a campaign rally is suspected to be the whistleblower who leaked details about Macron’s financial misdeeds.

Socialist lawmaker Corinne Erhel, was the last person to speak at the rally on Friday, when she suddenly and mysteriously fell to the ground. She was immediately rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead after suffering a massive heart attack at the age of 50.

According to internet sleuths, Erhel’s death bears a sinister resemblance to that of Seth Rich, who also died shortly after exposing evidence of DNC election fraud during the 2016 primaries.

Intelligence agencies have been using “heart-attack gun” technology for years, according to a Congressional testimony video filmed in 1975. Could it be that Corinne Erhel was the victim of such technology?”

CIA secret weapon of assassination Heart Attack Gun, Declassified 1975 New World Order Report


Sounds like the same weapon they got Andrew Breitbart and Stanley Kubrick with. 

Ron Halkes (edited)
German well known journalist dr. Udo Ulfkotte who recently wrote a book about the CIA controlling the European media was killed by such a ‘ heart attack ‘ on januari 13th 2017 ,he was afraid this would happen to him ….and it did!

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