AanGirfan 2 June 2017


Anonymous 2 June 2017
”Below is an interesting viewer response to last night’s ‘Question Time’ leaders’ debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May. It’s an online comment left by a viewer who perceives Theresa May’s political language as imbued with overtones of sexual cruelty.

Does the reader have a point? Read the comment and judge for yourself:

  • “The British electorate has a sado-masochist relationship with its political parties.
  • Tories are sadistic, and so the public becomes masochistic in its response to them.
  • Labour want to help, which is seen as weak, and so the public’s sadistic side comes out.
  • A lot of it is about anger, aggression, power, and its gendered, and sexualised in a perverted way too.
  • May says she’s got balls.
  • Thatcher’s enemies were ‘wets’.

Are you male and aggressive, or female and to be penetrated? That’s the dichotomy, and approach that Britain takes into the world.

In Brexit, we can’t treat the other European counties, our neighbours, as humans, just as the other side, who must be beaten. If we show weakness, they will victimise us.”


Now, Theresa May doesn’t just relish talking about “balls”: she quite deliberately refers to Corbyn as going “naked” into the negotiating chamber (sexual humiliation). Theresa May’s robotic refrain of “strong and stable”, moreover, has a clear phallic connotation. I have a big penis and a firm erection!

In terms of Neuro Linguistic Programming, then, Theresa May is communicating that Corbyn has Erectile Dysfunction.

In the same way, May is using NLP to communicate subliminally to voters that Corbyn is a woman (weak; wet; naked), when none but a virile, penetrative man (balls; strong and stable erection) is equipped to rule Britannia. This NLP-inspired language is accompanied by exaggeratedly hypermasculine body language, such as when May stands on stage with her legs very wide apart to signal a large phallus for penetrating/dominating the weak.

As the commenter above notes: woe to the weak, the sick, the marginalised and the minority in a a country run in homage to this ideal of ruling class conquest, rape and domination.”

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