UK got out just in time! EU plots to SCRAP budget rebates to Brussels’ contributors

‘Gunther Oettinger, the European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, has recommended outlawing any discount on membership fees for member states just months after Britain voted to unshackle itself from the beleaguered bloc.

The plans are set to refuel speculation EU chiefs were preparing to raid Britain for more cash if it voted to remain in the Brussels club.”

EU Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society Guenther Oettinger of Germany gives a press briefing in Brussels, Belgium, 11 January 2016, on the initiatives to develop broadband infrastructures in the EU and Germany. EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET

We should be treated as Uganda which is a member of WTO. Negotiating with the German EU is not feasible, they are skint with all sorts of issues which are only now coming to the fore, get out first and be as any other WTO member.

It just gets worse.

Since the referendum, they’re all coming out of the woodwork, exposing the EU for what it is : an organisation run by a small bunch of megalomaniac champagne socialists, involved in the biggest wealth redistribution scam in history.

What a bunch of complete bast*rds.

No doubt the eu throw money at Uganda so let’s see if we are considered to be like Uganda if we start to receive some money in the form of eu foreign aid.

German cars are overpriced and overrated. The Japanese build excellent cars at considerably lower prices — the Koreans make some good ones, and even less expensive.

Leaving the EU will open up many possibilities of places to buy and sell that EU policies and tariffs made too expensive, or impractical. I doubt that BMW, Mercedes, etc. will be able to sell anywhere near as many cars in Britain when they have to compete with non-EU manufacturers without EU protection. Maybe Britain can get close to Uganda’s level — that would make Merkel sweat.

It is so great that the UK has escaped the asylum, and that is of course a little upsetting for the inmates, who are stuck in their straight jacket ?

One would hope that the UK even during this 2 year period is cutting back on funding the EU and delaying and holding back where necessary any payments to the EU, because this can be of enormous benefit to the UK particularly Junker`s bar and entertaining bill and to see if obligations to the UK by the EU are met

When the EU Army marches into the Ukraine Britain will be looking the other way.(After withdrawing our troops !)

The EU army will be busy forcing the Poles and Hungarians to accept quota refugees. That’s what it’s for.

He starts cutting rebates… watch them drop like flies. Bring it on, utter fools…..

Zimbabwe has natural resources that the EU doesn’t have. China has a trade agreement with them. China doesn’t have an agreement with the EU. Zimbabwe is a higher priority for China than the EU is. That’s the real world.

GW:  It has been reported elsewhere that Sore-ASS has lamented about BREXIT saying it will cause years of damage.  To whom will it cause damage George?  Sure are packing some bags there György btw.

George Soros, billionaire and founder of Soros Fund Management LLC, pauses during a Bloomberg Television interview at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017.

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