Theresa May’s Tory Magic Money Tree

Published on Jun 1, 2017

Dear Mark,

Have you ever thought that maybe the Conservatives don’t want to win? Brexit is impossible to fulfil and something Theresa May is against. Rather have a coalition of Labour and Lib Dems deal with it (The Lib Dems will force a second vote on Brexit as part of their coalition agreement). Once the dust has settled in 5 years the Conservatives can regain power without egg on their face and May can leave office having secured a strong and stable passage before Brexit talks.

Alternatively, the Brexit deal with Labour could be crap, but a coalition with the Greens or Lib Dems could force them to do another vote after the terms are decided. Polls suggest Leavers are now around 45% and Remainers at 50% (5% undecided or other), so if we get a crap deal then people would choose to stay in the EU if given a second referendum. That would mean more people would be swayed to vote Labour in the 21/22 GE, meaning everything would be okay. Realistically, no party can get anything meaningful done in four years. Four years is enough for voters to get an idea of how things are going and how they would continue, then Labour would get in the next time. Wishful thinking, I know.

And yes, I agree with what you said. That’s probably why May has been a bit difficult. She can’t go out and ruin everything – it’s all tactical – mess things up enough so that Labour is just ahead on the 8th.

Brabantian1 June 2017
Is it possible we have a clever back-hand stitch up to create a win for Jeremy ‘my father worked for Victor Rothschild’ Corbyn?

Some media & polls say Corbyn is rocketing, difference with Theresa May in single digits

Scenarios are being drawn, Corbyn will unite with the Scotland & Ulster parties, promise 2nd Brexit vote, put together coalition

Tho a ‘terrorism’ event like Manchester normally serves the Right a bit more … that may not be true with Theresa May at the helm … whilst older uncle or grandpa Corbyn has the personality of a classic reasonable, older, life-experienced amiable English chap who can sort things out

And whilst Britons are anti-immigration … they are nervous about Brexit, & weary too of budget-cutting Tories

In his own way, Corbyn with the British is like Trump with the Yanks, he seems able to make people feel he can take things back to ‘better days like in the past’ even tho that past was pretty dodgy too

Also like Trump, there is a surface of mainstream media attacking Corbyn – the oily corrupt Guardian bashing Corbyn – but that gives him ‘populist credibility’, as most have begun to feel the Guardian is rubbish

Maybe an upcoming Corbyn ‘surprise victory’, is why Theresa May was ‘ordered’ to call the election for no apparent reasonmaybe the change to Corbyn is what they need to cover for the Brexit cancellation

As Aangirfan has covered, the Corbyns & Rothschilds were neighbours in WIltshire, Jeremy Corbyn’s father working for Victor Rothschild during WW2 … Witnesses report Corbyn refused to act on evidence of disgusting child-violation offences by criminal rings operating ‘within all 12 of the borough’s children’s homes’ in his district … So he is ‘qualified’ from MI5 – MI6 perspective

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