Theresa May sees the election as a distraction – I bet she wishes she could get her hands on whichever idiot called it

Theresa May with some ‘real people’ EPA – and the woman behind her is wondering just where Theresa got that ill-fitting grey suit from.  TeasMaid spends an inordinate amount of money on clothes and shoes but only just about manages to look mediocre most of the time!

”This is so refreshing, to hear a politician explain honestly that the reason we should vote for her is because she has faith in us. We’re sick of people who stand for office, saying “People can have faith in me because I think they’re scum.”

I’ve copied this myself, writing to the England manager to say he can have faith in me as I have faith in him, and now he’s got no choice but to play me as a striker instead of Harry Kane.

It shows why she doesn’t have to appear on television, as she’s asking for more than our vote, she wants our faith. We’re not just choosing a government, we’re voting for a new God.

The only thing Theresa May needs to be careful of, is if she keeps making statements like that, she’ll end up having to slap her dementia tax on herself.”

Thanks to NLAT again for the link.

They’ve all gone quiet and aren’t doing interviews: Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Michael Fallon, Phillip Hammond, Jeremy Hunt (no typo)... It’s no wonder she’s sending Amber Rudd to do interviews, she’s hoping that having had her father pass away recently, she’ll garner more sympathy. With Rudd being a Tory, I suspect she came up with the idea herself.


  • Jeremy Hunt – compromised by NHS cyber attack and underfunded NHS in crisis
  • Philip Hammond- compromised ny NIN U-turn
  • Michael Fallon and Amber Ruud jointly compromised by failing the UK on defense (Westminster attack, Manchester attack) and Michael for critising Boris Johnson’s words thinking there were Corbyn’s.
  • Boris Johnson whenever he sticks his nose out of the door, he always compromises himself. – What Does Boris Owe?
    Things are almost too frightening for satire; we need Mark Steel more than ever.

    The Telegraph has come out today and said that anything less than an 80 seat majority is a failure. Subtext being, anything less and your job is up for grabs.
    She should be very nervous.

    Jeff Black
    But I could show my prowess
    Be a lion, not a mouse
    If I only had the nerve

    Theresa, the Cowardly Lioness

    .. I can not understand how people can not see that this “snap election” was called just to pass this “Brexit sh*t” to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party … now there will be lot of unclear comments from Tories camp on education, taxes, human rights and even partial privatization of the NHS .. all for the purpose of Labour, (or rather coalition) winning.. and be left with this cr@p for years to come..

    Mon, 01 May 2017

    My post one month ago…

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