TeasMaid & The TCs Are Frit – Part ii


The Last Crusader
If i was TM no way on earth would i attend a debate held by the BBC with an ultra left-wing audience hand-picked by labour loving lefty snowflakes devoid of a spine..

If that monster Corbyn gets in the UK is so screwed it’s not funny look at his stance on squatters anyone with a nice home you can expect a taxpayer-funded piece of sh*t to walk into your house and stay there..

The country will be filled with people who hate us, the economy will dive, we will be bankrupted and our armed forces broken up and fed to the wolves the UK will be defenseless and rioting will occur by the left on every street in the UK (it’s the left that riot not the right look it up)…..

But then again lefties are so blind they cannot see the wood for the trees..

Yes, you’re absolutely right. Hiding away from full on televised debates because you know you’ll get pasted by someone who’s at best a milquetoast social democrat shows how much more spinal fortitude your side has. God, I’d almost despair to see the hand-wringing your Tory types would do if the actual far left communists and socialists showed up to an election and not just the centre-left social democrat types who believe in nationalisation.

If you can’t even handle the idea that the government might run certain services like railways and hospitals, I’d dread to think how you’d react to the workers rising up to seize the means of production.

Shall I tell them that here in Scotland we have actual Socialists and they have been elected to our parliament in the past?

Until very recently there was a former mining village in Fife which faithfully elected a Communist to the council every election.

I did my indyref campaigning with RIC and we had all sorts on the left – Including the SWP, who failed to try to take over, behaved very well and limited themselves to handing out an A4 ‘newspaper’ as we left meetings.

I sometimes need to pinch myself, a respectable PhD Scientist on nodding terms with the SWP.

Gary Rudd
Go on, threaten me that if Labour win you will ‘move abroad’. Syria or Haiti?

@Last Crusader

I would like to point out that your perception of ‘ultra left’ bias at the BBC is somewhat erroneous.

Due to the first past the post electoral system used in the UK the Conservative Party managed to win the 2015 election with the votes of just 24.3% of the electorate (remember that the electorate does not encompass the whole population).

Thus, well over three-quarters of the population did not vote for them.

It would then be perfectly reasonable to expect that in a randomly selected pool of people 7/10 or even 8/10 would not be Conservative supporters, would it not?

Also, your use of the term ‘snowflake’ is deliciously ironic here. The leaders of other parties at least had ‘the spine’ to turn up to the debate and face others with whom they disagree.

Gary Rudd
Even Amber Rudd made May look ridiculous, and none of the family can bear her. We’d sooner share a tent with a komodo dragon than Auntie Amber.

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