SOUTHEND ToriCon candidate David Amess does last minute wobble about Tory plans to downgrade the A&E department at Southend Hospital.

”SOUTHEND West Conservative candidate Sir David Amess has defied his own party’s wishes by announcing he is “totally committed” to opposing plans to downgrade the A&E department at Southend Hospital.”

Thanks to Keep Our NHS Public for the link.

fatboyahoy 22nd May
Wasn’t Dave asked to sign a similar petition a few weeks ago?
Yes he was and indeed refused – then responded to constituents saying it was all ‘utter nonsense’. Rattled I reckon and desperate.

R.B. 22nd May
Where you been hiding Dave?

Captain Carter 22nd May
It’s all talk to do with the upcoming Election, he knows full well what the Government are planning and makes a pretence of looking concerned like that equal partner scumbag Jimbo Duddridge….. Only solution to the problem is to VOTE FOR THE INDEPENDENTS LED BY RON WOODLEY.

heartbeat 23rd May
Agreed, Ron Woodley may not be perfect but he did do a lot to help Southend residents when he had the opportunity as Council Leader, and he made far more sense than most when spouting figures. He did manage to cut the deficit too, instead of just talking about it. I decided to listen to the speakers at the end of the rally to save Southend Hospital A&E from being downgraded on Saturday – there were lots of chants of “Where’s Amess” (he obviously couldn’t spare the time), also similar chants about Duddridge. I must admit the Labour candidate was very good – she said she was an ex-cancer sufferer so knew first-hand how important having a local A&E had been. Ron Woodley spoke briefly and impressed me by simply saying that everyone who cares about Southend having a proper A&E and not having to make an agonisingly time-consuming journey in an ambulance, trying to weave its way in and out of lanes of frustrated drivers on the A13 or 127 in an emergency, should think hard about who they vote for in the forthcoming election. I couldn’t argue with that, it is definitely a massive issue for everyone in the whole of the Southend area, Basildon area and Chelmsford area. All the A&E departments are stretched now anyway, so how on earth is it supposed to work with everyone turning up at Basildon?? If people in Basildon think they have a lengthy wait at the moment how will it be when Southend and Chelmsford people join them in the waiting room?? Crazy idea or what!

seaside stroll 23rd May
Tories OUT!

GW:  My goodness.  ”A-mess” has been there for 20 years!

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