TeasMaid & The TCs Are Frit – Part iii


I believe that Mrs May is trying to get through this campaign without appearing to take a strong position on any issues at all. She seem to evade even the simplest questions.

On climate change, it would have been quite simple for her to say that whereas she “respects Trumps right to make the decision, she disagrees with it”. If our relationship with America is so fragile that she has to appear to pander to every thing Trump does she is no better than Tony Blair when he was portrayed as Bush’s poodle during the Iraq war.

If she can’t even tell a journalist whether she watched the debate or not then no-one can damage her character better than she is doing herself.

It may have been a pointless question but she turned it into another example of evasion…and for no reason. She could have said, “No, I had important Government papers to read, someone still has to run the country even while an election campaign is going on”…or else, “Yes, and it made me very glad I wasn’t there because it was a shambles”….Just tell the truth woman!

A year ago, I could never have contemplated voting for Corbyn. I disagree with many of his policies and views, but right now he is the lesser of two evils and I would rather Starmer was leading our negotiation than Davis and May, so Labour it is.

Karol Józef Wojtyła
Anyone could have told Theresa “She doesn’t know much about foreign affairs”* May that the appointment of Boris as Foreign Secretary was hare-brained – I mean, if black humour was a legitimate criterion for appointing Cabinet ministers, why not give George Osborne the job of Scotland Secretary? So anyway, sometime in the first months of this year she finally twigged that removal of the blonde-haired one was unavoidable; but she also knew she wasn’t in a strong enough position to sack him. So (according to this theory), that’s what tipped her in favour of calling this election. However Boris got wind of it when she refused to say his job was safe; hence we’ve subsequently seen a repeat performance with regard to Phillip Hammond. In what used to be called a ‘smoke-filled room’ somewhere, Boris made a demand that if he can’t be Foreign Secretary, he must be Chancellor, or else he’ll sabotage the campaign. The electorate therefore is now presented with an opportunity to vote for a hastily cobbled together Theresa-Boris double-act.

*Ken Clarke, July 2016

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