”Getting Away From It All” In St Albans @ The Pudding Stop

St Albans’ Pudding Stop shortlisted for award

”Owner of The Pudding Stop, Johnny Shepherd, said that he found out he was in the competition through a customer who had in fact nominated him.”

”When asked why independent St Albans businesses were prospering Johnny Shepherd said: “St Albans is a city saturated with restaurant chains.

“Therefore, the local independents offering proper quality and reasonably priced food will always be popular. Plus, unlike chains, with independents customers regularly see the people behind these small businesses and they become friends and feel valued as a customer.

“Me and Charlie from Soko Coffee know the names of all our regulars.””


GW:  You could go for a ”sit down” at their Cafe 6 The Colonnade, Verulam Road,
St Albans, AL3 4DD and try their Apple & Elderflower Juice followed by one of their own Custard Doughnuts.  Lovely.  Or you could check them out in their Pudmobile @ St Albans City Station.

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