TeasMaid’s Last Word On TC MPs Charged With Fiddling Election Expenses In 2015 – ”They have done nothing wrong.”

GW?  Yes Gideon?  Look what has just arrived from NLAT..

NLAT:  Now that Craig MacKinlay has been charged it’s worth listening to what Theresa May had to say about the Tory election expenses allegations!

Gary William Cullen @ NLAT: she is right in the literal sense “candidates did nothing wrong ” but the charges were dropped simply because the conservatives head office told them to do it ,head office knows the law knows the legal ramifications , They knew exactly how the law was worded and how to escape via a legal loophole ,but that makes head office guilty of election fraud and who ever was involved in sending that message to “candidates”

Jeff Suter @ NLAT: Just a caveat. I believe in the rule of law. I am glad the CPS are prosecuting. However, being charged with a crime does NOT make you guilty. Innocent until PROVEN guilty is the British way. The law should be applied equally to all, even Tories.

Tories preparing to stab Theresa May in the back if she fails to deliver election landslide


Treeza’s already dead in the water.

Win or lose, on June 9th she’ll be stabbed in the back and sacked by her “Oh So Loyal” parliamentary party.
Her party was riding high in the polls and they were predicting a landslide victory when the election was announced and she has thrown that away, the most optimistic polls saying that the best she’ll achieve is a hung parliament.

Who will be her replacement?
Yeah, that was my first thought too!
This is no longer a battle for getting her out, it’s now about preventing Boris from getting in.

What amazes me that is than anyone was ever fooled by her. She lied to Cameron about her EU stance, just to keep her job; tried to stifle all debate on Brexit (unsuccessfully); begged Merkel to allow us to stay in the Single Market but not obey the rules (unsuccessfully); made ludicrous threats about EU citizens and non-co-operation on security (unsuccessfully), begged the EU to start Trade negotiations before the exit process had even started (unsuccessfully); and tried to convince people that the EU were interfering in the election about ten seconds after she’d announced it (unsuccessfully). How much more of a record of disastrous misjudgements, lies, hypocrisy and frankly sheer ignorant stupidity do people need before they turn their backs on this dimwit?

How can she say “We will build a more united country as our shared values and aspirations bring us together” when her party and the PM & his cronies before her have stripped our public services of funding. Decimating the NHS & schools.
The peoples shared values are the NHS schools and other public services, yet they have endured 7yrs of cuts and possibly another 5 more yrs of cuts to come. Already talk of selling off NHS property, and incentivising it to make NHS trusts sell off land quicker and if they do they get more money back. These are the public’s services, give the public a real vote on what happens to them. Not do what you want with them because you have been voted into power.


Tapestry says:
Corbyn could be the next Trump. Full of promises at election time, and then emasculated by the deep state once in office.

2 Jun 2017 12:15 pm
ian says:
My thoughts exactly Tap. They can easily be discredited by many means like Gordon Brown was and more, too, if they won’t play ball. I feel that politics is purely theatre and the decisions are made by others behind the curtain.

GW:  Yes TAP but the most important part is to change the direction.  After that is done we must all pull together to get the next bit done.  One step at a time.

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